Portage Plastics believes that everyone can aid the environment by focusing on green initiatives whether at work, at home, or traveling. Here are a few ways that you can make a difference:

    Buy Recycled
    Choose products with the highest percentage of post-consumer recycled content

    Read Labels Carefully
    Be sure to determine if a product is actually made from recycled materials

    Good Things Come In Less Packaging
    Avoid products with excess packaging, disposables, single-helping packages, and multi-layered, multi-material packaging

    Exert Your Purchase Power
    Ask manufacturers to use recycled content materials to make their products and to use less packaging. Ask retailers and grocers to stock more products made from recycled materials

    Learn About Recycling In Your Community
    Recycling programs are designed for the specific communities they serve. Efficient recycling is helpful to your recycling coordinators, sanitation workers, and can save money. Find out:

            - What your community recycles
            - When and Where materials are collected
            - How materials should be prepared for collection (i.e. sorted, flattened, bundled, crushed)

    Composting…Nature’s Way Of Recycling
    Composting yard debris and food remains reduces the amount of solid waste entering landfills. Ask about a community composting program or simply compost on your own! Visit www.EHMI.org for more information.

    Recycle At Home AND At The Office
    Start an office recycling program and start buying recycled products. If recycling is not available, bring your recyclables (soda cans, newspapers, etc.) to your home recycling bin. Lastly, cut down on paper waste by printing on both sides of the paper and then recycle. Be sure to check printer and copier manuals for restrictions.