Meeting the needs of our customers

Portage Plastics manufacturing facilities provide multiple platforms and capabilities for product needs.  Integration from raw materials to final products enables the manufacturing team to control the quality, and consistently deliver to customer needs.

Because performance and market criteria dictate the material best suited for production, preparation, manufacturing or merchandising needs, material selection is a key element in discovering the best packaging solution. Our wide range of material resources provide real solutions that are custom-fit to your needs.


  • Integrated supply chain for quality control

  • Multiple platforms to meet the demand needs economically

  • Multiple materials for specific application performance

  • Extrusion of many products

  • Thermoforming in both in-line and off-line operations, pending volume needs


Thermoforming equipment ranging between 11 mil - 125 mils.


Extrusion to effectively run pellets, flake and regrind at high throughput rates while mainstreaming IV (intrinsic viscosity).  Caliper ranges from approximately 13 mil to 35 mil in thickness.