Recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), also known as polyester, is a widely-used plastic material that can recycled from post-consumer or post-industrial plastic water bottles to a full range of food packaging products. RPET from Portage is well known as a versatile, high-performance, and visually-appealing plastic material that does not transfer chemicals by contact with a product, making it ideal for washable produce and non-food applications.

The Advantages of RPET

RPET is a clear plastic that can be thermoformed into virtually any shape while retaining its excellent, glass-like clarity, making it an excellent choice for merchandising products in ambient, chilled, and frozen conditions. RPET is also #1 recyclable, and Portage is capable of manufacturing RPET food packaging products with both post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content for customers emphasizing environmentalism in their packaging.


  • Clear Packaging for merchandising
  • RPET contains approximately 70% recycled post consumer waste material a
  • Ideal solution for companies that want an environmentally-friendly packaging solutions
  • RPET has excellent structural integrity and can function from the freezer to 140 degrees F