Versatile in applications, and effective in cost

High impact polystyrene (HIPS) in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses for a variety of applications.  It is glossy and is an easy to process plastic that is also sturdy and durable. HIPS is pretty flexible and can be used for a diverse range of applications because it can resist high impact. The product is hygienic and visually attractive. 

HIPS is widely used in the food packaging industry because of its unique qualities of strength, hygiene, visual appearance, and ability to retain heat, while also not deforming because of general warm water application. Yogurt cups and salad bowls are amongst the products made from this material. It is also used in other industries for carrier trays and packaging.

HIPS and other polystyrene products are well-suited for food packaging and widely used in the fast food industry, as well as consumer and electronics packaging. It is cost effective to produce, can be recycled and therefore minimizes the effect on the environment. 


  • Cost effective and useful across many industry packaging needs
  • Great for merchandising, storage and many applications
  • Multiple colors for merchandising

Industrial to merchandising application

  • Freezer to 180 degrees F
  • Excellent for handling and storage
  • Great merchandising applications