Dual Ovenable Packaging for Ready-to-Heat & Eat Applications

Crystallized polyethylene terephthalate (CPET) is a variation of standard PET which has been crystallized for heat resistance, rigidity, and toughness. CPET is a translucent or opaque material which can be manufactured in a range of colors to meet your merchandising needs. As with other PET materials, CPET is #1 recyclable, and its properties make it ideal for a range of demanding food and beverage packaging applications.

CPET Applications

After being crystallized, CPET can withstand temperatures from -40° all the way up to 400°. This makes it ideal for processor and food service oven-ready and microwave usage, especially for freezer-to-oven and freezer-to-microwave product applications. Portage recommends CPET for use in barrier, frozen, and re-heated foods.


  • -40 to 400 degrees F, freezer to microwave
  • Recyclable in the #1 PET recycling stream
  • Excellent barrier material for food processing