Protect the environment while packaging to sell!

A renewable resource that is freezable, microwavable, and compostable. Designed to be thermoformed and used for many food packaging applications.


  • Physical Properties:  PLA is made from renewable resources; It is in aliphatic polyester with a unique nucleating agent incorporated into it to promote accelerated crystallization during thermoforming.
  • Temperature Range:  -10o F to 250o F
  • Shelf Life:  Indefinite shelf life in warehouse environments, storage shelves, trucks or containers (unaffected by light, heat – 180oF) or humidity
  • Sealing:  Same methodologies as standard PETG
  • Clarity:  Material exhibits ~25% haze
  • Printability:  same as PET
  • Disposal:  Compost collection in the organic collection stream
  • Grades Available:  Talk to your Portage Plastics representative for the right product for your needs.