Portage Plastics is a multi-national thermoforming company.

Portage Plastics is a multi-national thermoforming company. PPC is unique in that it is a highly developed thermoforming company, vertically integrated, utilizing its human resource, capital, and equipment assets to the fullest.

PPC thermoforms a multitude of plastic products, custom designed for many specialized markets, such as Food, Medical Packaging, Personal Care, Automotive, Retail Hardware, Agricultural, Consumer, and Industrial Electronics.

PPC specializes in directing creative product development that is sensitive to a customer's economic and performance criteria. The company employs a sequential melt phase vacuum pressure forming process, which includes form/cut-in-place, in line forming, cutting, stripping and stacking well defined parts.

Our integration ties are strong.  PPC maintains relationships with strategic locations to provide “just-in-time” delivery. We can provide turnkey solutions for your packaging supply chain with our extensive sourcing capabilities.

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Portage Plastics Corporation (PPC) is a former winner of the prestigious Thermoformer Institute National Award (TINA), presented annually by the Society of Plastics Institute.

Packaging Design Awards

Specialty Manufacturer of the Year Award 

State of Wisconsin Competition

Manufacturer of the Year Award 

Columbia County

Global Supplier of the Year Award

Supplier of the Year Award

 Supplier of the Year Award

Total Cost Management Award

Cost Savings Innovation Award



PET Recycling

A strong but lightweight form of polyester used for soft drink bottles, liquor bottles, and other food and non-food containers.

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Sustainable Packaging

Portage Plastics has always been committed to doing business responsibly and conducting ourselves in such a manner that allows us to earn the trust and respect of our customers, our employees, and our community. 

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Recycling Tips

Portage Plastics believes that everyone can aid the environment by focusing on green initiatives whether at work, at home, or traveling. Here are a few ways that you can make a difference.

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