The Company purchased an extrusion line in December of 2013 for RPET rollstock in its Brownsville Plant facility.  This is a big step in vertical integration for the Company to provide high quality, lowest cost, JIT delivery for its many RPET products, such as aftermarket automotive windshield wiper clear clamshells.  PPC is the largest supplier in North America for these clamshells and related parts.






The extrusion line has sufficient capacity to grow this market and other potential rollstock sales.  Caliper ranges from approximately 13 mil to 35 mil in thickness.

 The key to this extrusion operation is the ability to effectively run pellets, flake and regrind at high throughput rates while mainstreaming IV (intrinsic viscosity).  Most important is thoroughly drying the resin, flake or regrinds as PET is extremely sensitive to hydrolytic degradation if moisture is present.

 PPC has invested in new state-of-the-art drying equipment at the Brownsville, TX Plant to maintain the high quality IV required for these containers.