Single Serve Coffee Cup

The Company's new exciting entry in food packaging is in the exploding market of single serve coffee! 

This opportunity arose when the Keurig® patents on its K-cup expired in 2012, drawing new coffee roasters and packaging suppliers into this soaring three billion dollar beverage market.  Five years ago, the market share was only 4 percent, but today it accounts for 40 percent of what North American consumers spend on beverages.  Since then, Starbucks, Bunn, Mr. Coffee and others have developed their own single serve brewers.

The Company utilizes a high barrier multi-layer structure for oxygen and moisture protection, providing 9-12 months optimum shelf life.  In addition, regrind is captured from this process and is utilized in the raw material for improved sustainability and cost effectiveness.  This barrier rollstock is thermoformed on the latest high technology, high speed equipment capable of over 600 million cups annually.

PPC has stock single serve cups available for this coffee market and has developed proprietary tooling with a special design features to facilitate superior brewing techniques on home single serve coffee brewers.

Cereal Bowls

White HDPE is the choice material for the 401 diameter cereal bowl production because of its impact strength and moisture protection.  BHA and BHT (antioxidants) are often used as an additive to maintain cereal freshness and taste.

Thermoforming production is done on large multiple tool layouts to provide economic costs for this large food segment.  Accurate die cut trimming is also an important factor for customers with high speed filling equipment.

Pet Food Containers

The Company utilizes recycled PET (RPET) for the custom designed pet food containers.  RPET offers affordable economics, product compatibility and strength, while maintaining desirable market appearance for this food segment.  In-house custom engineering and design play a significant role in achieving and exceeding the customer’s needs and specifications.