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A new production facility and headquarters for Portage Plastics Corporation will allow the company to expand production to include medical and food-grade products, said Gary Larkin, vice president of finance and quality assurance.

Larkin said with the new facility, the company can explore more customer options that it couldn’t in the past. And the company can also add more production times to increase output.

“It’s great for Portage,” said Larkin of the new facility. “And something we’re really proud of.”

The company moved out of its Silver Lake Drive facility Aug. 1 to the Boeck Road location that’s almost twice the size. And over the past five years, the company has also quadrupled the number of employees.

When Larkin and three other owners took over Portage Plastics in 1997, there were 21 employees. Larkin said the company currently employees 82 people. “If we would have not bought the business it would have gone south,” he said.

Larkin said he has known some of the employees for 25 years and he’s glad that the company stayed in Portage.

“We were approached by other communities, but we wanted to stay here,” he said. “And the mayor did a good job of keeping us here.”

During a ribbon cutting ceremony Oct. 11, over 100 people were given the chance to tour the new 60,000 square foot facility.

Expansion in the production line will begin soon with the company going from five machines that mold plastic sheets into products to seven by next February, Larkin said.

Each machine looks like a printing press where sheets of rolled plastic run through webbing where it is heated, then stamped into a product. Finally, that product is cut out and shipped.

Larkin said around 200 million individual packages are made each year at the plant and sales have tripled to $11.5 million in the past five years.

Portage Plastics also has a sales office in Illinois, and Larkin said there has been talk of adding a plant in Texas.

Construction on the $1.8 million facility began last March, and products are shipped all over the country from Phoenix to Memphis.

Article published:

Portage Daily Register
February 2002    

Craig Spychalla
Feature Editor